Wireless Communications and Analytics Research Lab

Live Projects

The website exclusively holds all the news and information regarding the working of ​​Wireless Communications and Analytics Research Lab - IIIT Lucknow.Various projects in process or completed are vividly mentioned.Visit in order to read about us, members, research papers, recent publications and much more!

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Faculty Recruitment Portal

An automated portal designed and developed under the guidance of Dr. Vishal Krishna Singh (WCARL - IIIT Lucknow) for smooth and hassle free recruitment processes of professors all around the globe. Do checkout the team behind this and visit the portal if you want to apply.

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Admission Automation

College admissions are deemed as one of the most defining periods in a students life. The need to manage these many data points every year, across various states and different educational boards, makes the whole process one of the most intensive data management exercises in India. This is the gap that is being addressed by the Admission Management System.This portal provides one stop destination for all the information and procedures regarding the admission.

Store and Purchase Automation

Store and Purchase Automation is a web application develop in PHP MySQL database, the system it contains of admin to monitor the inventory and check sales update and also the admin can create user but limited access, system we have receiving, sales, list of category to avoid losses items and maintain stock, the groceries sales and inventory is a friendly user and easy to understand.


HR Automation

To provide a hassle-free system for on-boarding of employees of an organisation. To make a full-fledged website for the same. To learn how to apply software engineering in real-life projects. Human resource managers are in charge of some responsibilities relating to their work. These responsibilities include the recruitment process, sending work advertisements, organizing resumes and business applications, planning interviews and helping in the process and ensuring background checks are carried out.